Business Listing Features

  • Business Contact Info Add your business contact details
  • Photo Gallery with Thumbnails Add unlimited photos and the logo of your business
  • Rating & Review System Users can review your business and services
  • Qr Codes to Business Profile User can easily access business information with QR code scanning
  • Private Message System Receive messages from customers
  • Services Catalogue Add the services that your business provide
  • Links to All Your Social Networking Pages Add Links your Social Pages to help customers read your News
  • Link to Your Company Website URL Boost referral traffic to your website
  • Opening Hours of your Business So customers know when to contact your business
  • Map & Directions To help customer easily find you
  • Sharing Tools Users can share your business profile
  • Facebook Event Synchronization Events are synchronized from your business facebook profile

XploreGreece Features

  • Advance Business Geolocation Search Find interested business that are near you
  • Event Search by Location and Category Find interested events that are near you
  • Add Bookmarks Easy access of business details through bookmarking
  • Search for Available Services Filter business by the service that they provide
  • Advertising Advertise in any available banner of the website

XploreGreece Upcoming Features

  • Add Menu to Business with Food & Drink Upload your business menu to your profile
  • Add Special Offer Items to your Business List your special offer with image, description and expired date
  • Search for Special Offer A new page that user can search for special offers
  • Business Contents & Promotions Businesses can create contents and promote their business to social networks