MAZE is a new open-air dance stage that was created by vibrant people coming from different backgrounds, all drawn together by their common love for music. This unified team has a strong belief that the Athenian underground music scene is still alive, but can only breathe through events which respect and promote her accordingly.

Exactly like a labyrinth, MAZE becomes the place where you can easily get lost, avoid anything that wears you out and do something really out of the ordinary. There you will have the chance to discover another side of the capital’s nightlife. You will not find this venue anywhere near the places you usually go out to, nor it belongs to cosmopolitan lists. It is located inside Votanikos area, on a street that can only be found by those who search for it.

As you follow the path you will understand that MAZE brings back memories from the good old days of clubbing, when “party” was a synonym for quality electronic music, proper sound and special lighting. MAZE will definitely make this summer differ in a beautiful way, as it will be a pleasant surprise to those who love and seek good electronic music.



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Sat: 23:00 - 08:00

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